How can I increase my ranking in directory listings?

The easiest way to increase your visibility in the co-counsel directory is to become a Featured Attorney. This paid placement makes you the top result for listings in your city, ZIP code, or county. You can also add targeted, custom headlines to grab attention.


There are also several free ways to increase your directory ranking:

  • Get positive referral feedback from other attorneys. You can even receive feedback from old referrals. Feedback is a huge factor in our ranking algorithm.

  • List at least one phone number, address, and website. 

  • Add some details about your practice in the "About Me" section.

  • List at least once current or prior position.

  • Optimize your "Practice Area" percentages to emphasize the types of cases you want most. For example, if you indicate that 100% of your practice is dedicated to immigration law, this will help you outrank attorneys who indicate that 75% of their practice is dedicated to immigration law.
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